95. Transformative Tourism for Peace and Justice: The Case of the Sahrawi refugee community of Western Sahara.

Tipo de comunicación

Comunicación. Migraciones y derechos humanos

Palabras clave (keywords)

refugee ramps, mobilities, peace and justice, visit design, human rights


Valuable knowledge about the contribution of tourism to sustainable development goals can be gained from the study of contested regions and related spaces like refugee camps and their unconventional and innovative mobilities. For that purpose, the paper studies the different types of mobilities in one of the oldest cases of place contestation in Africa: Western Sahara. The analysis of these mobilities elucidates the contributions that they make to the host community and how much they accord with the UN sustainable development goals, more specifically with ‘peace and justice’.

Then, a recent new type of mobility (awareness-raising) to the land of the Sahrawi is explained. Results show that the combination of a thorough knowledge of the host community, of the sustainable development goals that are more relevant for that community, and of the potential visitors’ motivations and expectations is paramount for the design of responsible tourism experiences. The research concludes that for the design of tourism that contributes to transformative and sustainable development, the focus must not only be during the experience at the destination but must be holistic and encompass the post-trip stage when visitors return and have the responsibility to create more peaceful, inclusive and empathetic communities at home.


  • Ahmadi, Shima
    university of Girona, ES
  • Guia, Jaume
    University of Girona, ES
  • Vandevelde, Sil
    University of Girona, BE